Price per person:

(Incl.: tour guide, 2h, free Czech beer, 8-top attractions, historical bikes)

  • 1 pax ………  1,750 CZK
  • 2 pax ………… 990 CZK
  • 3-5 pax …….  900 CZK
  • 6-10 pax …..  850 CZK
  • 11-20 pax …. 820 CZK
  • +20 pax ……. 790 CZK (29 EUR)


1. Prague Castle (+40 minutes, +490 CZK/pax)

Visit the largest castle in the world!

Bike tour prague castlePrague Castle is a huge complex containing museums, churches, palaces, and gardens.

This extension of our tour (optional), includes:

  • Upper Stag Moat
  • Main entrance: Sides of the gate are formed by bulky square columns bearing sculptures of fighting giants from 1768. And the famous castle guards!
  • Square of Honour.
  • Second Courtyard.
  • The Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral fascinating architectural masterpiece which is among the most important cathedrals in Europe.


2. Belvedere & Royal Gardens (+15 minutes, +250 CZK/pax)

Visit to the Royal Garden: Belvedere and Singing Fountain

prague-castle-royal-gardenThe most important building in the Royal Garden, the Royal Summer Residence, was built in 1563, exceptional construction because of the progressive attitude of the architects: they
didn´t fully follow the rules of Renaissance architecture and in a way they anticipated future development. In front of the building there is the beautiful Singing Fountain from 1568.

In 1554, the Royal Garden in Prague was the first place in Europe, where tulips were growing. They were bought in Turkey, and became so admired that they spread throughout Europe from Prague, and started to be grown in Holland.