Amazing Tours: Enjoy the best views of Prague on historical bikes

Unforgettable experience on restored bicycles from the Communist era

Retro Bike Tour Prague

Letna’s elevation and location provide views of the Old Town (‘Staré Město’) along the Vltava River and close to downtown Prague (3 stops by tram).

We offer an unforgettable tour on cycle paths to discover awesome alternative points of interest. It includes:

  • A real Czech historical bicycle (completely restored) for you according to your needs (height, etc.) and pleasure (available in several models).
  • Cycle paths among the trees.
  • Very easy level. Flat route profile (total gradient: 17m).
  • 2 hours (approx.).
  • 9 stops.
  • Tour guide (local resident) in English or Spanish.
  • One Czech beer (NA) for free at the beer gardens!

Historical attractions that we will see during the tour, with a detailed explanation, curiosities and, of course, some time to take photos:

1. Sparta Prague stadium

The Generali Arena was previously (and still commonly) known as Letná Stadium. The first wooden stadium at its location opened in 1921. The playing surface was renovated in 2001, including grass from Germany. It welcomes matches of Sparta Praha (Sparta have won 36 domestic league titles, and the Czech Cup 27 times) and the Czech national team.

2. Original view of the Castle

Unique view of the castle, a completely different perspective to admire the impressive St. Vitus Cathedral from the first public garden in prague: Chotkovy Sady.

3. Sculpture poem

In 1913 a memorial to the Czech writer Julius Zeyer by a sculptor and architect Josef Mauder were created in the middle of the gardens, with more than 60 tree species.

4. Hanau Pavilion

Neo-Baroque style ‘Hanavský Pavilion’ was constructed in 1891 from cast iron, masonry and glass in the Dutch Baroque style. The prince of Hanau donated the pavilion to the City of Prague before the Global General Exhibition ended. The construction was taken apart and then rebuilt on the new designated site at the edge of Letná in December 1891.

5. Lookout

Looking for that photograph you have seen (or you will see) for sale on the Charles Bridge of all 3 bridges together? Well it is your lucky day because this is the spot they are all taken from. Enjoy a fascinating look at famous Prague bridges and towers from the bird’s eye view. “The view is nonetheless breathtaking” (TripAdvisor).

6. Metronome

A large marble pedestal with Metronome unveiled in 1991. The 23-metre-tall metronome overlooks the Vltava River and the city center of Prague. The monument was designed by Czech artist Vratislav Novak on the plinth left vacant by the destruction in 1962 of the world’s largest statue of Stalin.

7. Beer gardens

The beer gardens overlook Prague’s Old Town. Grab a beer and relax, life is good!

8. The oldest carousel in Europe

The oldest functioning carousel in Europe dates from 1892. It was originally located in another part of town and moved to the park in 1894.  It is equipped with 21 life-size horses upholstered in genuine horse leather and several models of 1930s cars. The carousel was originally set spinning by a treadmill operated by trained personnel.

Price per person:

(Incl.: tour guide, 2-2.5h, free Czech beer, 8-top attractions, historical bikes)

  • 1 pax ………  1,750 CZK
  • 2 pax ………… 990 CZK
  • 3-5 pax …….  900 CZK
  • 6-10 pax …..  850 CZK
  • 11-20 pax …. 820 CZK
  • +20 pax ……. 790 CZK (29 EUR)


1. Prague Castle (+40 minutes, +490 CZK/pax)

Visit the largest castle in the world!

Bike tour prague castlePrague Castle is a huge complex containing museums, churches, palaces, and gardens.

This extension of our tour (optional), includes:

  • Upper Stag Moat
  • Main entrance: Sides of the gate are formed by bulky square columns bearing sculptures of fighting giants from 1768. And the famous castle guards!
  • Square of Honour.
  • Second Courtyard.
  • The Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral fascinating architectural masterpiece which is among the most important cathedrals in Europe.

2. Belvedere & Royal Gardens (+15 minutes, +250 CZK/pax)

Visit to the Royal Garden: Belvedere and Singing Fountain

prague-castle-royal-gardenThe most important building in the Royal Garden, the Royal Summer Residence, was built in 1563, exceptional construction because of the progressive attitude of the architects: they
didn´t fully follow the rules of Renaissance architecture and in a way they anticipated future development. In front of the building there is the beautiful Singing Fountain from 1568.

In 1554, the Royal Garden in Prague was the first place in Europe, where tulips were growing. They were bought in Turkey, and became so admired that they spread throughout Europe from Prague, and started to be grown in Holland.